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you taste like the sun.

i stray away from the sidewalk.

This is Jolene. I love Arashi and KAT-TUN. If you love them too, that probably means you are awesome. (; I like sunflowers too.
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aibaardo, arashi, baking, beach, being retarded, birdman, caramel, cheese, cheesecakes, cloudgazing in class, coffee, cookies, cry, dance, fashion, flowers, green grass, iriguchi deguchi taguchi, kame is my turtle, kat-tun, look innocent, macarons, mirrorman, music, my green earphones, my green ipod, oceans, perfume, photoshop, ron and hermione, ron weasley, sky, starbucks, sunflowers, sushi, sweet koki, taking photos, tumblr, uepi